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What is Integrated Marketing and Communications?

The term “Integrated Marketing and Communications” has become more prevalent in the last couple of years, with companies now using it in official job titles and agencies implementing it for their clients. I’ve been advocating an integrated approach to communications and marketing for more ...

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The Secret To Successful Change

I recently spoke at a Conference Board workshop on the topic of change communications and shared a not so "secret" secret with the audience.  Communicating during times of change is critical - one of the biggest mistakes you can make during change is to not communicate.  Your role as a com ...

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Put the Needs of the Business First

Throughout my career, one of the things with which I’ve challenged myself most is how to help drive the businesses I’m working for. To truly add value you have to put the needs of the business first. It may sound obvious, but in the dynamic world of public relations, where projects can run ...

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Our Favorite Articles

And while we’re at it, here are some of our favorite articles written by others.  

Amazon Annual Letter to Shareholders, by Jeff Bezos

Thought-provoking. Inspiring. Beautifully written. Slightly uncomfortable. It's all here in Amazon's annual shareholder letter.  Well done. Studies have shown again and again that companies with quick and decisive decision-making are more successful than those who are led by consensus or an overuse of data & analysis. Even when decisions are wrong, they create new paths for other opportunities, which can quickly be seized. One of my favorite phrases is, "Don't let perfection get in the way of progress."  Read Full Article 

USC Annenberg’s 2017 Global Communications Report

The convergence of PR and Marketing seems inevitable as the line between earned and paid media continues to blur. The implications are sure to be fascinating for communicators and marketers alike. Read Full Article

The 2016 world champion of public speaking explains how he deals with stage fright

Some great lessons here from a public speaking master. Our favorite? Use your nervous energy in a positive way to make an impact. Read Full Article  

The New Rules of Corporate Communications

Strategic advisor, business expert, engagement whiz, flexible problem-solver - It's an exciting time to be a Communicator. Read Full Article  


A beautifully articulated perspective on the importance of truth and integrity in communications (in all of its forms). Read Full Article  

How CEOs Can Adopt a 21st-century Approach to Communication

Great insight and advice for CEOs (and all senior leaders) about the importance of communication as a strategic business enabler. There is nothing 'soft' about it. Read Full Article