After an 18-year career in marketing and communications, Jessica Antle created Antle Communications Group, the predecessor to Ardent Communication. At the time, like many professional women, she was faced with the difficult yet common decision about whether or not to opt out of the workforce to manage her home and family. Instead of opting-out, Jessica took a leap and launched ACG.

With four young children under the age of 7, including four month old twins, she created a thriving marketing and communications firm, working with clients across multiple industries and countries with the sole purpose of bringing their stories to life in order to drive business results.

Given the origins of our company, it’s not surprising that an integral part of our DNA is to help women transition back into the workforce after opting out, or empower them with the option not to have to opt out in the first place.  With a flexible work environment enabled by technology that allows us to always be connected, we are able to bring women on to our teams that would have not had the opportunities to continue their careers in a more traditional setting.  As a result of that, our clients get smart, dedicated and loyal team members who are experts in what they do.

  • Rafael Sulit

    Jessica excels at rallying and inspiring teams. She was instrumental in leading an award-winning communications program that elevated MasterCard’s corporate reputation through thought leadership. As a result, thought leadership and insights programs remain a key output of the company globally. She accomplished this by getting cross-functional units aligned on very clear objectives, differentiating strategies and breakthrough tactics. My colleagues and I enhanced our communications skill sets after working with her. This is a testament to her leadership.

    Rafael Sulit, Director of U.S. Brand Strategy and Implementation, National Grid
  • Adam Ingrao

    Jessica's strategic vision is matched by her ability to consistently define, balance, and execute against both corporate and commercial objectives. This can be challenging within a global organization, but Jessica takes the time to learn in depth about regional business needs and opportunities. She is a true consensus builder, is a pleasure to work with, and delivers tons of value to both communication and culture within our organization

    Adam Ingrao, VP and General Manager, Dorel Sports